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MobiCom’24 Rethinking Process Management for Interactive Mobile Systems
Jianwei Zheng, Zhenhua Li, Feng Qian, Wei Liu, Hao Lin, Liangyi Gong, Tianyin Xu, Nan Zhang, Ju Wang, Cang Zhang
[Paper] [Code/Data]

MM’23 SkipStreaming: Pinpointing User-Perceived Redundancy in Correlated Web Video Streaming through the Lens of Scenes
Wei Liu, Xinlei Yang, Zhenhua Li, Feng Qian
[Paper] [Code/Data] [Poster] [Teaser]

MM’23 ParliRobo: Participant Lightweight AI Robots for Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs)
Jianwei Zheng, Changnan Xiao, Mingliang Li, Zhenhua Li, Feng Qian, Wei Liu, Xudong Wu
[Paper] [Code/Data] [Poster]

WWW’23 Visual-Aware Testing and Debugging for Web Performance Optimization
Xinlei Yang, Wei Liu, Hao Lin, Zhenhua Li, Feng Qian, Xianlong Wang, Yunhao Liu, Tianyin Xu
[Paper] [Code/Data] [Slides]

SIGMETRICS’22 Fusing Speed Index during Web Page Loading
Wei Liu, Xinlei Yang, Hao Lin, Zhenhua Li, Feng Qian
[Paper] [Code/Data] [Slides] [Talk]

MobiCom’21 A Nationwide Census on WiFi Security Threats: Prevalence, Riskiness, and the Economics
Di Gao, Hao Lin, Zhenhua Li, Feng Qian, Qi Alfred Chen, Zhiyun Qian, Wei Liu, Liangyi Gong, Yunhao Liu
[Paper] [Slides]


TPDS 2022 UFC2: User-Friendly Collaborative Cloud
Minghao Zhao, Zhenhua Li, Wei Liu, Jian Chen, Xingyao Li
[Paper] [Code/Data]